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Does anyone know how I could get in contact with Johnny McFaulds. He used to live in Petersburn and had sisters, two of whom were called Helen and Rosemary. His mum was called Ellen and she was a school teacher. His dad was called John and I believe he recently died. Would just like to say hello.
Winnie chinery nee walker
Hi   My name is Ronald Crossett..I live in the U.S.A. near Pittsburgh,
Pennsyllvania...My family history was from several towns around
Glasgow...My Great - Great  Grandfather had a pocket watch made in
Airdrie in the early 1800's ..Inside the watch are several hallmarks and
I do not know how to interpret them..Any information you could  help me
with would be greatly appreciated..     Thanks ...Ron
I am researching my family tree and I am looking for info on the BROWN
family who live or lived in the GREENGAIRS area.
My grandmother was a CATHERINE BROWN b.1900 and married a JAMES DENIIS in 1919. I know she emigrated to CANADA IN 1926 and have reason to believe she went alone.
The other surnames connected to the same family are..BOYLE..and..SWAN.
Please get in touch if anyone has any info on these desendants of mine...I
have been researching this family for almost 20yrs and keep hitting a brick
Are there any descendants of the following living in and around Airdrie :
My grandfather : Thomas Donaldson, born appox 1831, married Helen Rankin Cherrie ( born 1833).  (both from Airdrie)
His father was William Donaldson and he married Janet Mitchell.
Helen Cherrie's parents were Thomas Cherrie born approx 1800 and Susanna Waddell  born 1799.
Thomas and Helen Donaldson emigrated to New Zealand probably in mid to late 1870s
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may be linked to this Donaldson family.
Could anybody please help me get in contact with Cathy McQuarrie who lived in Whinhall.Her father was the late Jimmy McQuarrie who was involved in forming the
Whinhall flute band in 1961.Any information would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to Freddie McDonald at my E-mail address which is.
I am researching my family history and I'm wondering if anyone has any information about my great-great-grandparents, William Watson and Margaret Horne.  The only other information I have about them is that they had a daughter (my great grandmother) Agnes Watson, who was born in Airdrie in 1842.  I'd greatly appreciate any information I can get.
Walt Disney Imagineering 
Phone:  (818) 544-6544 (tie line 8223)
Fax:      (818) 544-4760
Please can you help. Do you have any info you could give me on fishing at Lily loch.
Hi, trying to locate a Stanley Y Young who was married to Helen, they lived in Castle Lane in 1957.
Looking for information about a cemetery believed to be on the outskirts of Airdrie.The name is "ROYAL CEMETERY".I think this would probably be a nickname.Any information would be much appreciated. E-mail
I am researching my roots and have found that my great grandparents, WILLIAM ALEXANDER AND ELIZABETH BLACK ALEXANDER, Left Airdrie in 1951/52 with their family of ten children, to sail to Geelong Australia.  The eldest child, Anne Black Alexander, married James Wilson shortly after landing in December 1852.  This couple hade nine children and are considered to be early pioneers of the Ballarat and Creswick area.  Other Alexander children went on to marry landowners, take up positions as Mayor of Ballarat, and even produced a conductor of the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra.  My great grandmother, ANNE BLACK WILSON ALEXANDER) was born in about 1832 and died in Ballarat in 1918.  I'd like to know what was happening in Airdrie that would prompt and entire family to migrate in 1852; do I have any relatives left in Airdrie; and where did they life.  I have had no success in finding marriage or birth certificates for the family and am at a loss to know which way to turn now.  Any information will be gratefully received.  There will always be a bed for any of my Scottish rels in Ballarat!
I am trying to find any references to a Sir William Dischington who was supposedly granted "the lands of Airdrie" in 1429. He is supposedly the grandson of Sir William Dishington of Ardross- ultimately I am trying to find if he had a daughter Elizabeth who married a "Hoppringle" -
I realize you aren't "a" geneologist" but hopeful you could point me in a "direction"
Robert Pringle Schneider
Boston, Massachusetts
Could you please send me the address for St. Margaret's Catholic Church in Airdrie?   Thank you for your help in this matter.
Just found out that my great grandfather whose last name was Campbell was from airdrie and that someone from scotland called several years ago about coming and claiming a castle we had.   Not sure what information is needed to further pursue this or the roots of my great grandfather.  
Waiting for any beginning help.
Is their any one who goes to Rochsolloch primary School Airdrie?
If so please put a message on this board (Message Board)
Hugh Dalziel
I am trying to find out any information I can on Peter Gallagher that married Agnes Connerton in 1880 at St. Margarets Church in Airdrie. They migrated to Nova Scotia where he died in a mine in 1891. Have found some Connerton's still in Airdrie in years that followed, but have hit a dead end. Not being real familiar with local areas, places, etc. makes it hard to find anything. Peter was born in Ireland in 1855 and Agnes in Clarkston in abt 1860. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. 
American Cousin Jim
Trying to track location of old girlfriend maiden name Margaret Angus. 
She lived in Craigneuk attended Caldervale High and married an architect. 
Any info appreciated. E-mail
I am looking for my wife's ancestor Thomas MAYOR, and his children Peter 

Thomas is described my his nephew Peter Mayor CAMPBELL as "the long-armed 
potter, who made chemical pots for Tennant, of Glasgow". His son, Peter 
MAYOR, is described as being "from Coatbridge", so I assumed that is where 
they lived.

Its a bit of a problem doing web searches on "Mayor" as every town has one!
Hello all,

I am trying to locate the house my grandma's mother grew up in. It was called 'Croft Park'. Her name was Marion INGLIS, and she was part of the INGLIS family, headed by John INGLIS and wife, Agnes Gray INGLIS (nee WALKER). I have a photograph of it the late 1800s. 

John INGLIS (1846-1909?) was a butcher and owned a chain of butchers. This was how they afforded such a home. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Karolyne Quinn
Adelaide, South Australia
Please can you tell me if you had a convalescent hospital or mental hospital there in the 1900 's and including early 1920's? Regards, Georgette Robertson
Hello there.
I left Airdrie in 1969 with my parents and 3 brothers. We lived at 87 Howletnest Road in Craigneuk and then 63 Lady Wilson Street in Gartlea. Is there any chance someone could send me some photos of the area there? The bigger the better. I haven't been back to Airdrie, and don't suppose I will be soon, but I'd love to go from intersection to intersection taking photos in all directions. I know it sounds daffy, but that's just how it is. I'm as homesick as ever. Thanks. Jim Mackrell, Toronto
My brother is searching for birth relatives from the Coatbridge area. His father was born in 1921, one of six children. He had four sisters, aged in 1948, as 17, 22, 24, 34 and one brother 21. Their mother was 51 in 1948. The 34 year old sister worked in a mental institution or hospital and was the nursing supervisor/trainer. Her husband was an attendant at the hospital. The family was Catholic. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to identify this family. Thank you. E-mail
Thank you to all who have responded to my message, and for the pics of
St. Margaret's Chapel in Airdrie. Greatly appreciate your help.
Looking for another pic, this time of the STANRIGG MONUMENT. I do
have one already, but there is a man standing infront of the monument.
What I'm looking for is a pic of just the memorial monument, with all
of the 19 stones in the pic as well. Thank you. Sylvia Droughan,
Grimsby, Ont., Canada
Please could you help with this query
How can I get the geneology of my family the Lang family from Rawyards Airdrie Isabella and James Lang lived at 24 Wheatholm Street and 36 Wheatholm Street. If you can manage to get it will you send it to my e.mail please Thankyou very much.
My mother brought me and my brother up in ardrie until the year off 1976.she lived there between 1971 and 76 if anyone could help me please send me a reply.even if you now off any other way of tracing people . my mother and father were never married so the salvation army can not help me nor the social sevices thanx bernie. E-mail
This is the home from which my maternal grandmother Sara Delaney was married on 10 Sept 1902 to John P. Small R.C.V.S. They moved to Clones Ireland and had a 2 sons (Peter And John(Jack), three daughters (Agnes,Molly, Eileen) but I am the only link. My mother was Eileen Small.
Are there any Delaney members still living?
Thanks John J (Sean) Kelly e-mail
Good Morning, I'm searching the web trying to find the population figure for Airdrie but including Coatbridge but so far I have had no luck. If know what it is could you it to me and I will be very grateful. Kind Regards, CATHAL KEANE Cathal Keane Culverwell T 0131 226 6611 M 077 8895 4644 E
Name: daniel hotop Country: germany Email: Favourite Section(s):History Comments: Hello, my name is daniel hotop and I have to write a therm-paper in english about the "economic effects on a scottish district by the local whisky destillery". I need some statistics from a scottish community (how many people work in a destillery? how do they influence the economy? ...). I heard about a recession in the 70's. perhaps there is any information you can e-mail me?! I hope you are able to help me. thank you! kind regards, daniel hotop p.s.: it would be very kind of you wether you answer very soon because I don't       have so much time
I am looking for a Robert Davidson married to Jane baird from Airdrie, they had a daughter Agnes Davidson born 1849 in Airdrie married to William Linning1865 Hope someone can help me with this as I cant find any information about this couple. I am interested in Jane Baird as the Baird association have no information about her.I cant find their marriage certificate either. I am sure there will be more relatives in Airdrie  who might know something about this couple. ex Airdrieonian Cathie T (E-mail)
Dear Sir or Madame,      I am a student from Combe Bank School in Sundridge, Kent doing my A levels. One being Travel and Tourism VCE. They have set me the task of finding out as much information as possible on the natural and built attractions of Scotland. Please if you could help me with this I would be very grateful. Any lists or leaflets would be grately appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my e mail. Hope you can help. Sincerely Suzy Wilson E-mail
I am looking at a grandfather's clock in a local antique store in Jacksonville, Florida.  The face of the clock reads "Robert Clunes, Motherwell, Airdrie.  The dealer dates the clock to around 1840.  Would you have any information on Robert Clunes or could you tell me where I might find information on him. Thank you for your help. Patricia Fletcher  E-mail
Dear Sirs, I am currently studying HND Leisure Management at Dumfries and Galloway College.  As part of this course, I am looking at what Area Tourist Boards do to promote tourism and leisure. I would be greatly appreciated if you could provide me with information on your policies and practices used to promote tourism and leisure in your area. thanks in advance for your help, Regards Dianne Small E-mail
Hello, My name is Jim Mullen I used to go to St Margarets High school from 1970 - 1976.......Newbattle / Trinity . I am just looking to chat to anyone who remebers their time at the school. Some of my teachers were Mrs Scullion,  Mr Campbell...maths, Big Davie Taggart...P.E., If  you would like to remenice, contact my email address.  E-mail
Researching Robertsons, Browns, Devlins, Tominy and Kirk from the area. Seeking a Florence Scoullar married to Alexander Robertson but died early in their marriage.Also trying to find 5 miners who took part in the 1842 miners strike who were arrested,on Oct 20th 1842 by Allison and a capt Miller. These men were then tried and transported to Australia. Any help would be so appreciated. E-mail
My name is Renato Risi, from Rome, I was attending st. Patrick high school in 1969, I lived in Airdrie for two years. I have a lot to remenber about, for example Lucia's fish and chips shop, where I used to eat a good fish suppers. My idea is to ear from someone that could remenber something. My E-mail is
Hi there I am a student at Glasgow College of Building and Printing and I am doing a project that requires me to find out what building lies on Ordinance Survey Grid Ref. NS828648. By going to the National Ordinance Survey website I have found that this point lies in Airdrie, it is one of three buildings (Im not sure which one) that are on top of Blackhill (and Mountcow if thats any help) near the Roughrigg reservior. You seemed my best bet for finding out what these buildings may be and I hope very much you may be able to tell me what they are. E-mail
Hi, I am Margaret Henderson now Roberts, I was from the Bell ST., came to USA when I was 19 worked as a nanny in ny , then moved too florida have 6 grand kids now but wiil allways remember growing up in Airdrie , worked on the buses, went to st andrews, if anyone remembers me please email and have a chat. E-mail
Lived in Coatdyke until 1962 ,then immigrated to the U.S. For the last 5 years I've been living in Italy.At present I'm back in New Jersey visiting my daughter and will be returning to Italy after New Year. I attended All Saints School till 1951 and then went to St Patricks Coatbridge until 1954 I lived in the Co-oP building at the corner of Deedes St and Rochsolloch Rd across from the Horseshoe Bar.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.I went to St Patricks with a lot of people from Caldercruix ,Glenboig,Airdrie & Coatbridge.So let's hear from some of you folks Laurie McCaffrey 
Went to All Saints School till 1951or52 and then to St Patricks Coatbridge till 1954. Would love to hear from anyone from Caldercruix.Glenboig Greenend who remember me.I immigrated to the U.S. in 1962 but I'm now living in Italy for the past several years. I'm in U.S. at present visiting my daughter and will be returning to Italy after Xmass. My family lived at 169 Calder St Greenend but i was raised with my aunt in the Co-oP building at the corner of Deedes St & Rochsolloch Rd across from the Horseshoe Bar. Have lots of happy memories around there. hope to hear from some of you people. Yours Sincerely Laurie McCaffrey.
Hi, I am looking for information on any of the following family: James Orr married Ann Aitkenhead in East Kilbride in 1851.They had several children born in New Monkland. Mary 1867, John 1857, John 1864, James 1859, James 1862, Ann(my G G Grandmother), Isabella 1851. The family immigrated to the USA in 1870. I believe the only to remain behind was Isabella. If anyone can help with any information I would really appreciate it. I am planning a trip to Airdrie in October 2003 and am really trying to get some advance footing in my search for my ancestors or any living family. Thanks in advance. Jami
Hello I am in Canada at the moment and don't return to next year . I'm looking for an email address for Jackson parish church in Airdrie but with little success. Can you help? Tom
Hello. my name is Kendall Stolz and I am looking for my grandmother's family. her name is Mary Bath (Stolz). her mother's name was Mary Carson bath and  HER mothers name was Spence Carson. i know that my grandmother Mary bath was born in Airdrie in 1907. she was the second of 4 children to john and Mary Bath. their other children were George (1905-6), Mary (1907) , Sarah (Sadie) and Johnny ( who was born in the US). The family emigrated in 1916 to the US. MY husband and i are coming to visit Scotland in November 2002 and i wanted to see where my grandmother was born. if you know any information on these family names could you please email me at thank you Kendall Stolz.
My grandfather James Murray Tennant, the son of Neil Tennant and Rebecca Campbell Murray was born in Airdrie.  Neil was the son of John Tennant and Marion Davidson.  John and Marion had the following children - Janet, Elizabeth, Marrion, John, William, Robert,John Louden, Andrew, Elizabeth, James, Neil Marrion, Margaret and Jane. I have yet to discover their spouses but Elizabeth married George Pitcairn and I think John married Ann Baird.  Neil came out to Australia with his three  children, Marion Davidson, James Murray (my grandfather) and William Davidson.  Two children Marion and John Murray died in Airdrie prior to their departure in 1865.  Other children born in Australia were john , Neil, Daniel Andrew, Gilbert Pitcairn, Andrew, Gilbert, Catherine. I visited Airdrie two years ago and spent a lot of time at the library going through records.  I visited their old home in Hallscraig St and walked all over the city out to the Rawyards site and back.  It was wonderful.  But as always with visitors from a long way off I ran out of time. I would be forever grateful if someone could put me in touch with any living descendants in Airdrie.  They can contact me on email Thanks Patricia Smith in Australia.
I believe the Airdrie leisure center was built before 89. I left the country in 86 and remember playing five a sides there as early as 1984. Steven Cargill Vice President of Sales SMC Electronics 405-917-7575 ext 113 405-229-0662: Mobile
I do not know who this message get`s delivered to ,but if there is a site to get the sale of  fireworks (apart from council displays) , banned could you please forward names , adresses, or petitions to me     Thank you     Mrs S Lang
Hi, My Mother and I are trying to find out some of our family history. She has an old clock that has been in the family for generations. It says on it Call...Wire and Rope Company Airdrie, Scotland. I do not know the full name of the company, and I have been unable to find any evidence of it's existence. Can you help?  Also, we think it may mean that our ancestor ISABELLA PURVES (or PURVIS) could possibly have been from Airdrie or thereabouts. She came to New Zealand in 1849, on the Mariner. Here she married Charles Frederick Webb, on 25/12/1849. They had eight children (Joseph John 10/12/1850/ Peter Purves 15/02/1854, Cyrus Alfred 01/03/1856, Ebenezer 27/07/1857, James Costin 04/05/1859, Kenneth David 09/06/1862, Emily Alice 18/11/1863, Mary Margaret 11/06/1868). I list these in the hope that some of them may have been named after Isabella's ancestor's/relatives. Or, that some of the children may have returned, at some stage. Isabella has lied about her age on at least one occassion. ?Why? When the ship sailed, she has said she was twenty five, but when she married later that year, she said she was sixteen! So, we suspect she was born 1820-1830's. Not very specific is it!! She is proving to be very elusive. We know nothing about her parents, or any siblings. Can you please help?? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Louise Spratling
Hi, I am hoping that someone might be able to help me get started on my family tree. My Grandfather was born in Airdree, his surname was Gardiner, Samuel Finney; His father was a George Gardiner and he was an iron miner. His mother was Jane snedden. My Grandmother was born in Clarkston her surname was Harley, Margaret Mcindoe Paterson; Her father was James Harley and he was a grocer; her mother was Marion Allison. Please help me get started you may be my cousin?? regards Ian Gardiner Perth Western Australia. Email
I have entered into an argument this evening, with regard to the correct naming of Thrashbush Rd. Local knowledge states that it is not called Thrasbush but ThrUshbush Rd. Can you settle this argument???? Please reply by E-Mail
I'm hoping you may be able to help me.... I'm putting together a book which will document some of the crises to have befallen football clubs using fans' writing (by using the fans' own words I hope to truly capture the experiences and emotions - I used a similar format for a previous book and it worked really well). I'm hoping to be able to include a chapter on Airdrie - covering the demise of the old club and formation of the new. It's a story that should be publicised to the footballing World as widely as possible, I believe. However, I will need help from Aidrie fans. Would you be willing, or could you suggest someone who could pen a piece on Airdrie for inclusion in the book? Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Details are obviously limited in this e-mail, but if you drop me a line if you're interested I can tell you more.  Looking forward to hearing from you. George Rowland
I would like to write to Millers Coaches, preferably by e-mail, but by snail mail if necessary.  Does someone have an e-mail address for Millers Coaches?  If not, could you provide an exact postal address?  I tried to get one from the Royal Mail site, but was unsuccessful.  As I am in the U.S., I am not familiar with U.K. addressing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. John Ohlson
Dear Sirs    My name is Chiara   De Zanet, and I am an Italian student wishing to spend some time in your beautiful region. As I also work in the local tourist information board of Cuneo, the town where I live in North-West Italy and  sometimes receive requests of this kind from foreign people, I would like to ask if it is possible to send me some promotional material (brochures, leaflets...)both in English and  in Italian (if you have any) as my friend  and I are planning our  holidays but I am the only English-speaker among the group! This is my address:  Chiara  De Zanet                                via Don Minzoni 48                                12045 Fossano (CN)                                 Italy Many thanks for your kind attention and cooperation. Yours faithfully Chiara  De Zanet
Hello,    I am looking for and old Pen Pal, from 40 years ago.  Her name before marriage was the same as mind, Florence Hill.  I would like to know if she is still over there.  She lived in Govan and Inverness and perhaps somewhere else.  I do not know her.  In 1959 she lived in Springfield Gardens, in Inverness.  We were about the same age.   Thank you.    Florence Hill Walsh
Can you guide me on how to find death records on a John Collie in the late 1800's and early 1900's?  I am from Michigan, US and will be coming to Airdrie in September and would like to be able to find out as much info as possible beforehand. I know that he was a constable in Airdrie and died before WWI, because his widow and children then emigrated to USA. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Nancy S. Pick
I like to check out names.My G Grandparent came from Aidrie & Lenzie Mill 1i 1855 (Aitken & Steel)I like to see if those surnames come up, and to find out about what I can about the area. I am interested in this "Book" and what the price of it will be. Thank you. Shirley
Hi, I'm hoping that you might tell me where in New Monkland "Coltston Row" was located in the 1850s? I just received a birth extract from the GRO for my maternal great-grandmother. Catherine FAGAN was born 5 Jan 1858 at No. 3 Coltston Row, New Monkland.  Her dad was a coal miner. Thank you for your help in his matter. John Bohnert E-mail: California USA
I want information about the Sutherland family of Lanarkshire, possibly trhe city of Airdrie.  I have a photograph of the Sutherland family that was taken in Craig's Studio in Airdrie in 1914. In the photo are the father (name not given) and five children: Willie (age 19), Jennie (17), Peter (15), Elizabeth (12), and Nellie (age unknown).  Also in the photo is an "Auntie Maggie".  Do you know anything about this Sutherland family?  If so, please inform me.
Hi, i have been looking for my family with no luck. Can anyone please please, help? I have a brother who I believe still lives in Airdrie, his name is Paul Bryson or Closh (mothers name). My fathers name is Thomas, we lived at 69 Kippen street untill1985, if anyone can help please get in touch at
Can you guide me on how to find death records on a John Collie in the late 1800's and early 1900's?  I am from Michigan, US and will be coming to Airdrie in September and would like to be able to find out as much info as possible beforehand. I know that he was a constable in Airdrie and died before WWI, because his widow and children then emigrated to USA. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Nancy S. Pick
I wondered if you had any information at all about a Victorian painter/illustrator called John Landless who I understand came from Airdrie? He did some charming sketches of Dysart and other parts of Fife and I would really like to find out more about him. If you can help, please email me at Many thanks, Carol McNeill, Kirkcaldy
I hope you can help me, I am trying to collect badges from every club I have been to and was wondering if you can tell me where I can get one. thanks ali quinn.
I am trying to find out any information on the Cockburn-Taylor-Collie family.  I live in Michigan, USA and this is my first attempt at finding information on my husband's family.  The only information I have is a birth certificate of AGNES COCKBURN COLLIE, born 26, January, 1891at 19 Y(G?)airbraid Avenue, Maryhill.  Father is JOHN COLLIE, a police constable and AGNES TAYLOR COLLIE.  They were married 19 Feb, 1886 in Edrom, Berwickshire.  This is extracted from the register book of births for the District of Maryhill, County of Lanark.  If you can inform me of any sources there may be it would be appreciated.  I am visiting Glasgow in September and would like to vist Airdrie also, hopefully to gain some further information.  Therefore, I am trying to get any preliminary information possible.  Thank you so much for you assistance. Nancy Souers Pick
Looking 4 Cathrine Harkins-Hughes who lived in Airdrie 1n '71 - '76. May still be there. Any info, let me know please. I have some news 4 her thanx. E-mail
Hi, Could you please tell me if there is an email address or web site for Airdrie Academy?  Interested in getting in touch and having no success. Thanks, Roberta Quirk
Our local village carnival encourages those who live along the route to decorate their houses. The theme this year is 'Celebrating Britain' and I am hoping to make a giant collage of views of landmarks and landscapes around Britain using posters or any other promotional material I can get hold of. Do you have anything I can use? - the bigger the better! If you do could you please send it to me at 6 Moor End, Eaton Bray, Dunstable, Beds LU6 2HN I would be extremely grateful for anything you may be able to spare Yours with thanks Anne Johnson
Could someone supply me with the email address of St. Phillip's School, Plains, Airdrie. For a potential visitor from Australia. Please email to the following email address..... thank you for your consideration.......Charles L. Feletar
Hi all My name is Casey and I am searching for any people with the surname WARNOCK. My Great grandparents Thomas Coffee(Coffey) and (Elsie)Sarah Warnock lived in 43 Wellwind St AIRDRIE and migrated to Western Australia in 1927, a year after my grandmother Beatrice Coffee(Coffey)was born. They had 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls. My great grandmother came from County Monagh in Ireland and had family in Scotland. My great grandfather was to have come from Kent but apparently killed somebody in either Ireland or in Airdrie and fled to Australia. His family home in Kent was 17 Hive lane North Fleet KENT. They came on the ship S.S Bennalla from England to Perth in 1927. If anybody has any information in Airdrie on Warnocks/Coffees or you have either surname, please e-mail me. Casey Butler
Hi! I am trying to locate my pen-pal of the early seventies--her name was Linda McIntyre (her surname may be different now) and she lived at 20, Weaver Crescent, Airdrie, Lanarkshire--that is the last known address I have of her. She was studying medicine at the University of Glasgow, when we lost touch. I have made several efforts over the years to locate her--she and I were good "pen-friends" and I would love to get in touch with her again. Please help me. Thanks! Bhuvana Chandra
Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am searching for information on a family of the name of Boyd who resided at 27 Kipps Avenue, Airdrie in the early 1960's. If anyone has any information your help in this matter would be much appreciated. Thank You, Siobhan Carmichael e-mail:
Hello, I am a Scout Leader from your sister Town of Airdrie in Alberta, Canada. Do you happen to know if there is a Scout Troop in your town? If so, would you be able to pass on their email address? Thank you very much. Rob Burns e-mail:
Good Afternoon, My fiance and I are planning a wedding, most likely a civil service in Airdrie but would like to see a picture of the Marriage Room and Registrar if at all possible.  Can you tell me if such a photo is available on line or provide me with a contact to obtain such a photo?  The picture of the marriage room in the Registry of Scotland website is too small to view. Thank you, Allison Hartwell e-mail:
Hello, my name is Antoinette Burdinski. I am searching the address of my pen pal.  The last address I know is from 1984: Jean Machugh, 6 Whinhall Are, Airdrie, Scotland, Postcode ML6 OHH. Can you help please? My address is: Antoinette Burdinski, Bammeltring 41, 48366 Laer, Germany e-mail:
Hello, can you offer me some assistance? I have an ancestor who was married on Pollock Street in Rawlands in 1873. I cannot find that town name anywhere in New Monkland. At the bottom of the register, it also says "taken from register of Landward of New Monkland". Any ideas?? Bill Baird
Hi, I'm Debbie Whidden from Michigan (U.S.A.). My father was Edward John Smyth.  Born Dec.31-1913 in Manse Place, Airdrie, Scotland. Son of Vincent and  Rose/Roseann Keenan, they where married on Dec.31-1900 in Airdrie. They had  Children that I know, Elizabeth, John, Margaret dad. What I need is who our  Vincent parents and roseann Keenan parent, because they're about five Rose in  Glasgow, high church, Glasgow, Hutchesontone, Glasgow. Clyde, Glasgow, new  Monkland.Hamiton, so I don't know the one I'm looking for that is my dad  Mother, I don't know if Vincent was born there or Ireland or for Roseann. My  Dad birth record only have what I just out on this board, I was little went  He died in 1972 in det, mich.i don't know went they move to the u.s.a.maybe  1924-30 Detroit, MI.Lost some records due to a fire. so on the marriage  records would have the parents of Vincent and Roseann, and then I would know where to look in Scotland or Ireland. I don't the birth of Vincent or  Roseann.maybe your census would show that too. I don't know much about my  family even in Det, MI,. Records here only show is job in 1932 just before he  married my mother. My email is I am trying to get link to  the past. Margaret married a Heron and Elizabeth married a Sutherland. My dad  married in Det, MI, to a Neveu, I don't if they were married when they got or  If they where all little. Because if they (Vincent and rose) came to Mich, I  can't find them unless they died after the 1950. It's hard here unless they  had, so I hope someone can find my family and when they left  there.  Thank you so much. Debbie Whidden from Michigan. P.s how do I get a Census, marriage.
I had quite a few ancestors who lived in Airdrie and Monklands, is there a contact for genealogy in Airdrie, and by the way I have an old 8 mm movie of the 'Diamonds" playing in 1970 ??? Tom Marshall (family names mainly Francis in this area) e-mail
I am looking for information on a Margaret Mcgowan who went to the US in  1964 or 65. Iam an old friend living in Canada and have lost touch. If any one has a tele# or any info on her could you please e-mail me - 
My grandmother Jeanie Carmichael Walker was born at 56 Chapel St in Airdrie in 1890 to parents David Walker and Jane Carmichael.  She was the eldest of 7 children and she later married Murdoch Kennedy from Applecross Rosshire.  I believe that 56 Chapel St no longer exists but wonder if there any old photos of the area or of some of the adjacent dwellings that are still standing from that period?  Also which school would she have gone to in the area and is it still standing?  Any help in finging out more info on her, her family and the area would be most appereciated. Heather e-mail
I'm looking for anyone with information about Thomas William Hart, who immigrated to Canada (1917) and became a Reverend and the Superintendant of Missions for the United Church of Canada. e-mail
Hi i was wondering if you could help me find out about the roman sites in and around airdrie(well CALDERCRUIX) as i have been unable to find any information on the net. Thanks  Nicki.  e-mail
I am looking for detail of teams pre 1900. I think my grandfather also jimmy Thomson played possibly in goal then--any suggestions? e-mail


Greetings. I am attempting to obtain information regarding my grandfather, John McGleish who was born in Airdrie on 26 Aug 1885. I would appreciate any assistance on where I can locate such information. Maurice McGleish SMSgt USAF(Ret)
Hi...doing some research into my family history and I have a Henry McCann listed as having had a family in Airdrie around 1826..I am unable to find out where or any information on them other than he was Married to Mary Stewart and had a son Thomas..I realise this info is vague but if anyone thinks they may be able to help..pls let me know...thanks.  McCann Family
I was just looking through the airdrie page, and noticed a post in the message board speaking of St. Margaret's Chapel, and how it is still standing. Would you happen to know of anyone that would be willing to take a photograph of it for me? Since I live in Canada, it would be difficult for me. Any ideas? Thanks alot. Sylvia Droughan Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
I am looking for any old photographs of Airdrie to use in a publication of an Airdrie Heritage Trail. Monklands Heritage Society would be grateful to receive any assistance from the public. Photos can be e mailed to me or contact me by phone at 768052 and I can arrange to take a copy and return original to you. It is important that that these old photos do not get thrown out and are lost for ever. Thanks for your co-operation. Gina Cowan
I accidentally found your page while browsing for info on Coatbridge. I left there in 1970 and am now living in Albany, Western Australia. I went to CHS from 1952 to 1958, my name was the Nancie Watt and I would love to contact anybody who went there around that time. A few of the names were Eleanor Smellie, Anne Minnis, Mae Miller, Joy Black. I would also like to find out if there is any sort of historical society where I could get old pictures of the area. Incidentally I have been watching the CHS web site with interest for what seems like years and the page is still under construction", would anybody out there have an email address or even a fax number for them Thanking you all in anticipation e-mail: Nancie Clarke (Watt)
Hi, my sister Margaret went to St Margaret's primary school, she was in the netball team, I think the year was either 53 or 54 they won that year and there was a picture of that team in the advertiser I am not sure if it was the cup for Lanark shire. I was just wandering if there was any way I could get a copy of that photograph for her, I would really appreciate it, I know it would delight her. Could you please e-mail me for info on that. My e-mail is Thank you, I really enjoy the Airdrie Page. sincerely Ann Vermeersch nee Murphy expat.
I am looking for any of the Craig's that live on Aitkin Street in Airdrie. My name is James Williamson and you can email me at
I would like to get in contact with a friend I had for over 20 years ago. His name is Douglas Bartlett. If you se this message please contact me. It should make me very happy to hear from you again. Maria
I was wondering if anyone can tell me some things that may help me remember more about my grand parents who lived in Caldercruix, their names were Anthony and Theresa Rolink and they lived @ progress drive. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known them, as i remember my grand father telling me stories of the peat field and all about his racing pigeans that my gran said he cared for more than her. Thank's Bob PS anyone know of a girl by the name of Cynthia Russell that lived in Chapelhall ( i think). I went to St Patricks high in Coatbridge with her from 1972 to 1976, I often wonder what happened to her. e-mail Robert Morrison
I left Airdrie in 1948. I worked as a miner. I emigrated here to Australia in 1958 where I remained in the industry. I retired from work in late 1984.I have written a book of my life story and have had it self published. It has been selling quite well. Much of the story is set in Airdrie and Fife from i930's to 1958 when I moved to Australia. I am now hoping to do a story on mining disasters. I was wondering if anyone in the Monklands area could give me any information they may have on any disaster or could they steer me on to an access I could use to gather reliable data. I would certainly appreciate any assistance. I still have relatives in the area. I have made many visits back home but I am now retired and no long go on long flights. Thank you for any assistance you can give me. Bobby Moore, late of 46 Whinhall Avenue, and before that 14 Hamilton Drive Rawyards e-mail Bobby Moore
I have been browsing in order to locate Anglo Scottish American Travel in or near Airdrie Monklands. If you can provide me with an e-mail address or web site for this company I would be grateful. I am located at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. As a matter of interest, I have just returned from a visit to Airdrie, Alberta, a growing bedroom town north of Calgary. There is a huge sign advertising your Airdrie which I also know away back when it was the terminus of Glasgow tramway route 15. Can you help? e-mail Ian Carmichael
Can you tell me are there any arts & crafts fairs planned ,and ,if so where can I apply to register for a stall. I exhibit quality art work painted by me. Thanking you e-mail  Alan Blair
I am looking for information on my grandmother.  She was born in Clarkstown, Newmonkland Parish.  Do you know is this (Airdrie) the area today?  Where can I write for family records? Thanks for your help.
I am very excited to have found your site this evening! I was able to locate my grandmother's place of residence as Airdrie, Scotland.  Her name was Jeanie Shields and she sailed to New York in 1911 aboard the ship California. Upon arrival here, she met up with my grandfather, Alfred Price, from Houston, Scotland, and they married and had five children.  My father, William, is their oldest living child. If there are any relatives of mine still in the town, I would love to hear from them. My email address is:  I anxiously await any news from afar! Elizabeth Hennebery
My mother, Isabella Reid Downie, passed away at Arran House, Airdrie, on Apr 15, 2001. Family members have not contacted me, and I heard the news from a relative in the USA. I wonder if you have any information ? I would be pleased if you would contact me on
My wife and I are planning to visit your city this july (2001) and I am trying to get a list of bed and breakfast sites in airdrie--i have tried the airdrie home page but cannot get any information about places to stay--the dates we are going to be in airdrie are the night of july 18th 2001 thru july 24th 2001 ---i would appreciate any information that you could supply me ---for general information my great-grandparents were married in Airdrie NewMonkland Lanarkshire Scotland in 1873 or 1874 and they lived at 41 arden place until coming to the United States in 1883--we would like to trace any family history that may be available in your town--possibly a library that would have information about that time frame--thank you respectfully R.E. Thompson --my e-mail is
My name is Agnes Laird Russell and I was born in Coatbridge on 12.08.1955. I am trying to find out some information regarding my father Mr. Charles Laird Russell. My son is doing a project in school on his Grandfather during the war. Unfortunately my father has passed away and I have no information on his regiment or anything. Could you please advise me on how to trace his doings during World War 2. Thank you
I am looking to locate a local registry for a marriage of my ancesters that occurred there in 1847. I have  tried every possible avenue to locate this information and was wondering if you may have a local person interested in being hired to do some research for me. This line has been lost and recently found and I have recently been told by my cousin that many of my relatives still reside in Airdrie by the last name  of Shields. The marriage I'm looking for however, took place between Mary Campbell and  John Johnston in 1847. Thank you so much, and if you can refer me I'd appreciate it. e-mail Maureen Marella
I have noticed on the Monkland site that there is a Weaver Cottage Museum located on Wellwynd in Airdrie. As my ancestors were hand loom weavers (surname Teesdale) I would like to solicit your help. Is there an address for this place so I can write them and find out information on the life of a hand loom weaver. And if there is an address could you please direct me to it or send me the information. Harrold H. Black Jr Dickerson Run, Pennsylvania, USA researching: BLACK (Lanarkshire), TEESDALE (Dalserf), & ADAMSON (Caoatbridge)

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