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Airdrie Schemes info
Posted by webmaster on December 11 2005

Please note: This post is no longer relevant.
Further to my previous post regarding setting up an exclusive area for authors to contribute to The Airdrie Page Schemes Project, this is now available and a screenshot can be viewed below of the design of this area of the site.

Airdrie Schemes screenshot
Click screenshot for full size (70kb)

So, for all you budding authors, there no excuse and now you can contribute to the site by submitting an overview of where you live in the town. Don’t worry about the technical aspects of placing your entry, just send details (as requested previously) and all will be revealed.

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Write about your local area
Posted by webmaster on November 19 2005

OK. I’ve just came up with an idea which might prove useful for visitors to the town. I want to ask locals from ALL areas of the town to submit a short overview of where they live (eg Gartlea, Whinhall, Rawyards etc) and we can open a new Category for Airdrie Schemes which can be developed and become more complete with input from the visitors themselves. If you are interested in this idea then please submit your overview via the Contact Form and we can include this on site. My intentions are that the authors would become members (with increased privileges) and be able to directly post articles to this section without the usual moderation criteria. I hope to provide an example of this over the next few days.

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where is ‘Burnfeet’
Posted by brendamac on November 16 2005

Hello from Auckland, New Zealand
I have some documents that say my ancestors were from Airdrie and lived on a farm at ‘Burnfeet’.
Where is ‘Burnfeet’ ?
My ancestors surnames are MUIR, BLACK, FRAME, BROWNLIE,GEMMELL,
Thanks in advance

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